Our anti-fogging, fully enclosed medical safety goggles can protect you from splashes, dust, bacterial droplets, and impact.

  • All-round large mirror design that can be worn with myopia glasses
  • Fully fits the face and comes into close contact with the contours of the eyes
  • Protects the eyes from UV, impact, splashes, sand, and more from all corners without blind spots
  • Adjustable elastic headband suitable for all people
  • HD reinforced light-transmitting lens for visual clarity in complex environments
  • Anti-fog design to avoid fogging caused by temperature difference
  • ANSI Z87.1 safety rated Poly-carbonate Lenses

Safety Goggles

Suitable for ordinary daily protection, our anti-fogging medical safety goggles offer protection from dust, impact, bacterial droplets, and splashes. They offer high levels of light transmission, and protect all corners of the eyes without creating any blind spots.

The design of the goggles allows glasses to be worn underneath, and the adjustable elastic headband makes the goggles “one size fits all”. HD lenses ensure that the field of vision is clear, even in complex environments.

Part # 203-021

Our safety goggles are approved to bear the CE mark and have ANSI certification.

TTI Medical is registered with the FDA and ISO 13485:2016 certified.