Our Non-Contact Thermal Scanner is an excellent way to safely monitor the temperature of people at a given location, such as the entrance to a building. It also has optional features for security based on facial recognition.

  • Audio and visual fever alarm
  • Fast individual screening
  • Network-compatible security screening
  • Can be configured to unlock doors based on appearance
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Customized mounts
  • Ideal for events, offices, schools, and more

Non-Contact Thermal Scanner

Safer than an infrared thermometer, our Non-Contact Thermal Scanner can run continuously without an operator. You can configure the scanner to trigger both visual and audio alerts when a person is scanned with a fever. There are also optional settings to note if a person is or is not wearing a face mask.

The scanner also has optional security features, such as the ability to unlock doors based on either appearance or the use of an ID card. It can keep track of when a person enters/exits, and what their temperature was at the time of scanning.

This device can be configured by and connected to the network via Ethernet, but does not require a network connection to function as a temperature scanner.

Part # 203-008

Compatible with any network using an Ethernet connection.

The Non-Contact Thermal Scanner is a class 1 device, and is approved to bear the CE mark.

TTI Medical is registered with the FDA and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

All of our products include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and support for the usable lifetime of the product.