Digital Camera Adapters

Accu-Beam® Digital SLR, Smartphone, and Blackmagic Camera Adapters.

Capture high quality slit lamp and microscope photographs with almost any camera using our patented interchangeable lens and mount systems.

Smartphone adapters ensure compatibility with a wide range of slit lamps at any budget.

All-in-One Adapter
Accu-Beam® All-in-One Adapter on a Keeler slit lamp with a Canon SL3 camera.

All-in-One SLR Adapter

The Accu-Beam® All-in-One adapter combines a beamsplitter and SLR adapter for a one-piece imaging solution compatible with APS-C cameras.

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Blackmagic SLR Adapter

Digital SLR Adapter

The Accu-Beam® Digital SLR Adapter is a modular solution that can connect almost any camera to a beamsplitter.

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Universal Smartphone Adapter

Universal Smartphone Adapter

Capable of connecting almost any Smartphone to any Slit Lamp the Accu-Beam® Smartphone Adapter is a low-cost solution with impressive results.

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Oculocam 2x1

Oculocam System

The Oculocam System is the most cost-effective way to connect a smartphone or digital camera to your slit lamp.

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Dual Port Beamsplitter 2x1


ACCU-Beam® Dual Port and Single Port Beamsplitters are compatible with slit lamps and microscopes made by Zeiss, Topcon, Marco, Reichert, Haag-Streit, and other manufacturers.

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Beamsplitter Adapter 2x1

Beamsplitter Adapters

ACCU-BEAM® Beamsplitter Adapters can convert almost any beamsplitter to a Zeiss exit port, compatible with all of our products.

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