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High quality, re-usable medical devices.
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We strive to create high quality medical devices that meet the varying needs of our customers. Request a quote.

Zoom Adapter with MKC-704

C-mount Video Adapters

Connect C-mount video cameras to microscopes and slit lamps.


Digital Camera Adapters

Connect digital cameras to slit lamps and microscopes.

Zoom Coupler

Endoscope Couplers

Connect C-mount video and digital cameras to endoscopes.


CO₂ Laser Accessories

Micromanipulators, CO₂ handpieces, and laparoscope couplers.

Fiberoptic Handpieces

Fiberoptic Handpieces

Handpieces to be used with contact laser fibers in a wide variety of procedures.

Suction Irrigation

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Re-usable, sterilizable suction/irrigation instruments.


Medical Video Cameras

Options for cost effective and medical-grade C-mount video cameras.


Personal Protective Equipment

Ensure the safety of your patients, employees, and yourself with medical grade PPE.


OEM Products

Custom engineering, private labeling, and laser engraving on all of our products.


TTI Medical specializes in video and digital camera adaptation onto surgical microscopes, ophthalmic slit lamps, and endoscopes. In addition, we manufacture various CO₂ laser accessories, fiberoptic handpieces, and re-usable suction/irrigation instruments.
TTI Medical is a distributor of Ikegami and Sony medical video cameras for surgical microscopes & ophthalmic slit lamps in the United States. We are also distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE).


LED Upgrade Testimonial
I equipped 6 of my Haag Streit slit lamps with the TTI Medical LED illumination upgrade. Very pleased with the performance. Highly recommended at a great price.

William C. – MD

All-in-One testimonial
TTI Medical helped me attach a Canon DSLR camera to my Keeler slit lamp. Great problem solvers with great products.

Stefan T. – MD

MKC-704k Testimonial
I’ve used TTI Medical video camera adapters for over 10 years. Most recently to connect a 4K Ultra HD camera to my Zeiss microscope. Support you can count on.

James L. – MD

Zoom Coupler Testimonial
Our company integrated the TTI Medical zoom coupler to our line of endoscopic video cameras. The couplers have 4K optical performance and our customers love the sharp video image.

Mukund J. – Director

TTI Medical was established in 1984 with the mission of designing and marketing high quality, technologically advanced surgical instruments and medical devices.


AAO 2020 Discount

For the 2020 American Academy of Ophthalmology we are offering the highest-ever discount on two of our most popular products; the All-in-One adapter & the TTI-4K-R. In addition, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our other products.

The All-in-One adapter connects any DSLR camera to most slit lamps.
It includes a retractable beamsplitter and an SLR adapter with focus control & iris control.
List price = $3,200 AAO discounted price = $1,900

The TTI-4K-R is a low-cost 4K C-mount camera that includes recording.
It has 2160p/60 resolution with wireless functionality, HDMI out, and SD or USB recording.
List price = $2,250 AAO discounted price = $1,250

Prices are good through November 30, 2020.


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